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What is MNM

MnM or Mobile and Music is a Division of Phonographic Digital Limited. It is the exclusive assignee of copyright in sound-recordings belonging to a group of reputed music companies, committed to providing legitimate music to millions of mobile phone users across the country.

The said music companies include major Regional Music labels. These companies account a large mass of music content available in India and this content is in demand on mobile phones.
Phonographic Digital Limited is a reputed body that supports delivery of legitimate music to its consumers and enforces legal action against wilful infringers.

Advantages of being an MnM licensee:

Participate in the growing mobile business
Market music legitimately
Retain customers through repeat purchase

Research Study

International research indicates

For 2017 the number of mobile phone users in India is expected to rise to 730.7 million. In this same year the number of
smartphone users in India is predicted to reach 340 million and could reach almost 468 million by 2021.(Source: © Statista 2017)
Most phones will have chips
Taking an MnM licence would provide a legal opportunity to market content by user

Unique Features

Unique features of MnM

Each shopkeeper can create his own database of music through his own sources that are acquired through legal means.
Data can be categorized as per the local requirements.
The content owners accounting for large share of the business would license their content for usage hence there would be no fear of legal action.
It provides an opportunity for shopkeepers to earn additional revenues in their mobile business Pitfalls of not taking a license
Illegal dealer of music content are punishable under copy right
You can be arrested by law & called a pirate
The case can drag on for 7 years and you will spend time in the police station or in courts rather than running a legitimate growing business of mobile phones and its services
Punishment ranges from 6 months to 3 years imprisonment and fines from Rs. 50000 upto Rs.2 lacs method of applying for a License
Issue a cheque in favor of Phonographic Digital Limited
Collect Receipt for cash or cheque payment
After 15 days a License Copy will be Issued- and the party can then start business


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Participate in the growing mobile business

Market music legitimately

Retain customers through repeat purchase

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